Importance of Talent

Great companies know that talent is the foundation of their success. Talented people have an intrinsic drive, an overtly positive approach that sees problems as mere challenges and seek out opportunities for greater efficiency and innovation. When you hire talent, not just employees, your company is ready to take on the future.


Crowdstaffing: The Evolution of MSP/VMS Talent Fulfillment

Our Crowdstaffing model inspires recruiters to think and act as entrepreneurs. The profit-sharing compensation structure drives intrinsic motivation, which results in higher quality talent and faster placements with the assurance of 100% compliance for MSP/VMS programs. This unique model scales easily to handle the recruitment of large volumes of contingent workers. Crowdstaffing also leverages the expertise and connections of the crowd to fill tough niche positions in crowded markets.

Businesses today tap into the power of the crowd to solve business challenges with innovation, research and resource demands. We have pioneered a unique staffing solution that supports the full servicing and management of contingent talent in a risk-free environment. Zenith Talent is always the W2 employer of record, assuring complete labor compliance. Our model plugs directly into MSP/VMS programs just like other staffing providers. Currently 60+ recruiting partners can place some 9,000 contingent workers annually; we plan to double this capacity in 2015.

For today’s MSPs, Crowdstaffing produces unrivaled results, delivering talented people with fast submission times with infinite scalability. Download our latest eBook now to learn more about the evolution of MSP/VMS talent fulfillment.


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When recruiters are partners, talent thrives.

Our recruiters are partners, not employees. The recruiter profit-sharing model we use is unique in the staffing industry. Our recruiters income is tied to their performance on your behalf, ensuring greater attention to every detail in the recruiting process. It inspires our recruiters to think and act as entrepreneurs, and has proven to result in higher quality candidates.

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Diversity Difference

Diversity and talent go hand in hand.


Diversity is the key to unlocking a talented contingent workforce. As a minority-owned business, we understand first-hand the benefits of a diverse workforce, and we take special pride in helping our clients achieve their own diversity targets. We want to help you bridge the diversity gap by strengthening your ability to tap into a broader talent pool. We are also forging working partnerships with well-known national diversity organizations to better understand the unique attributes of each group.

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Positions We Fill

We put talent where it belongs.

Your organization is a jigsaw puzzle of people and roles. We help you fit the right people into the right roles to optimize your operational performance.  From call center staff to the most sought-after IT specialist, we know just the person! We have the expertise to find talent in a broad range of skills and industries.

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Better Fill Rates. Lower Bill Rates.


Zenith Talent works nationwide with low-margin, high volume VMS and MSP programs, and we would love to become your vendor of choice. By focusing on talent, we consistently meet and exceed client scorecard metrics.

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MSP Staffing RFP Template

Statement Of Work (SOW)

  • 2012- Statement of Work consultants made up 36% of the complementary talent used by organizations.
  • It has surged to 74% in the United States.
  • SOW has become the top priority for 80% of Clients engaged in MSP/VMS programs
  • SOW use is predicted to rise exponentially 2024

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A Success Story

At Zenith Talent, our clients are premier industry leaders who stand out among their competitors, as we stand apart from ours. We pride ourselves on outstanding performance, stellar scorecards, unparalleled talent and the long-term partnerships we form with clients. Our 10-year relationship with a renowned technology pioneer best exemplifies these virtues. With 25 staffing suppliers engaged, the client still struggled to fill critical IT positions. We overcame their challenges by providing exceptional IT and engineering talent, then broadened the scope to cover all professional positions, including HR, finance, sales and marketing. Today, we remain a top agency for this client and continue to prove our value through innovation, quality and dedicated customer care.

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Due to our unique profit sharing model, our recruiter's income is tied to their performance on your behalf, which creates a vested interest within your account. This leads to faster fills of higher quality candidates. You can trust that Zenith Talent will find the perfect fit for your staffing needs.

We have expertise in a broad range of skills and industries, click on the button below to find out more.

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